Dear NHHIMA Members,

I’m tremendously honored to serve as President of NHHIMA for the 2022-2023 term. Since joining the Executive Board as Director of Communications in 2020, I’ve been consistently impressed by the dedication of the entire Board. I’m excited to now have the opportunity to coordinate our efforts in the coming year so that we can not only continue to offer the quality educational seminars our members expect, but to expand the scope and variety of benefits that NHHIMA membership provides.

The Executive Board’s priorities have always been, and will continue to be, informed first and foremost by the needs of our members. We genuinely value the input and feedback we receive in our Member Engagement Surveys, and use this information to focus our priorities for the future. These surveys aren’t the only opportunity for members to engage with the Executive Board, however. I’d like to encourage any NHHIMA member who has ideas, feedback, or questions about the Executive Board’s programming and initiatives to reach out to me directly at Collaboration is at the heart of progress, and I want to make sure that every NHHIMA member knows that they have the opportunity to contribute to the CSA’s direction and organization. As always, the Executive Board welcomes anyone who would like to volunteer as a member of the Board and contribute in a more formal and ongoing capacity.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and productive year, and I look forward to speaking with everyone soon.

Warm Regards,

Sean McGrath
President, NHHIMA