Letter From The President

Dear Colleagues,

I am truly honored to be the President of the New Hampshire Health Information Management Association (NHHIMA) again and have the opportunity to work with a group of highly talented board members. Throughout the year, our board will provide educational events, track pertinent healthcare legislation, keep members informed, and serve as role models for new health information management professionals. As a team, our board will represent the state of New Hampshire at both the local and national levels. We will strive to be a valuable resource that is there to support members throughout the year.

We are planning an exciting year filled with events and other activities. Please put a note on your calendar to check our website on a regular basis for updates on hot topics, voting, and other initiatives. One important item we are looking to plan is a Tri-State Event with Maine and Vermont. We are open to hearing your ideas about speakers, activities, or topics at the tristate meeting. Let us know what will make the Tri-State Event special for you. Stayed tuned in as the details unfold along with opportunities to volunteer and attend.

The NHHIMA Board is enthusiastic about collaborating with you. We encourage volunteerism, attendance, and recommendations. Help us increase membership by inviting a friend or colleague to an event. We are looking forward to a fun-filled year, of representing and working with each of you.

Best wishes for an adventurous and exhilarating year!

Pamela H Varhol, EdD, MBA, MS, RHIA
NHHIMA President 2023-2024