CSA Leadership Symposium
July 14-15, 2017
Chicago, Illinois

The AHIMA CSA Leadership Symposium is a two-day event that engages AHIMA and CSA leaders in strategic direction, envisioning the future, and leadership in the evolving HIM profession. Ann D’Arcy -James, our Past President, and I represented NHIMA.   We participated in the interactive sessions that were developed to train CSA leadership in their roles.

Some of the many topics included were the future of HIM roles, global perspectives in healthcare, innovative CSA activities, HIM apprenticeship programs, CSA financial planning and membership engagement.

Being able to speak with members of other CSA’s was another benefit to attending. The best practices shared were beneficial. They provided us with the motivation and inspiration to incorporate new ideas into our state association over the next year.

If attending these kinds of AHIMA sponsored events interests you consider joining our Board or connecting with a Board member to inquire about opportunities to participate in upcoming events.

Respectively Submitted,

Allison M Bidgood, RHIA
NHHIMA President 2017-2018