2019 AHIMA National Election

Dear NHHIMA Members,
            We are writing to review concerns about the 2019 AHIMA election ballot. The AHIMA bylaws indicate that all active members with the exception of students have the privilege of voting for candidates who may be elected into the positions of President/Chair-elect, Board of Directors, Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM) Commissioner, and Council for Excellence in Education (CEE) Member, and Speaker-elect of the House of Delegates. Leaders elected into these roles determine AHIMA’s future, impact the profession, and represent the voice of members.
The 2019 AHIMA ballot will only have one candidate for President/Chair-elect and Speaker-elect of the House of Delegates. There will be a write in candidate option available for both positions. When the ballot opens July 8, 2019, members will be able to vote for the candidates on the ballot, write in a person, or refrain from voting.
The NHHIMA Board discussed our concerns regarding only one candidate, for two key AHIMA positions with Sharon Easterling, AHIMA Director. Pam Varhol has written to both the AHIMA nominating committee chair and the Professional Ethics Committee.  Although we have expressed our concerns about one candidate, for these positions the ballot will stay “as is”.
In accordance with the AHIMA bylaws elections require a quorum of 3% response rate from active members. If the quorum is not met, the election will not count.  The current AHIMA board will remain in place, for another year.
Both NHHIMA and AHIMA have a place on the website where candidates may post their information, for members to review. We are recommending a House of Delegates task force to review the bylaws and voting processes.
For the 2019 election, the options are to vote for the candidate(s) on the ballot, write in someone, or skip the vote. I wish you the best with this difficult decision.

NHHIMA Board of Directors